Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui developed and founded two major schools; Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. In Pranic Healing one uses subtle energy and the knowledge of the energy body and the chakras to heal physical and psychological ailments. Arhatic Yoga is connected with the spiritual growth of the person & the development of the soul. [More]

  • Pranic Healing

    Pranic Healing is a no touch energy healing modality which is very effective in dealing with a variety of issues - health, relationships & career. Everything has energy; the knowledge on how to properly utilize this energy is taught in Pranic Healing. These techniques can be applied to all forms of therapy, common & serious ailments, high stress jobs, physically demanding work and many more areas. [More]

  • Arhatic Yoga

    Arhatic Yoga or the 'Yoga of Synthesis' is an advanced set of spiritual practices - a system to rapidly & safely accelerate the development of the practitioner. Arhatic derives from 'Arhat', meaning 'perfected one'. An Arhat has well developed intuition, advanced mental powers, highly refined emotions & a strong desire to contribute personally to the uplifting of humanity. [More]

  • Twin Hearts Meditation

    When you do Meditation on Twin Hearts, you become a spiritual conductor. Your body will become filled with light, hope and strength. Through the practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts, your internal condition is transformed. When you do Meditation on Twin Hearts, a lot of soul energy comes down. You become whole and more connected and one with your higher soul. -GMCKS [More]


Upcoming Courses & Workshops

  • 25JUL
    Arhatic Kundalini Meditation Practice // 04:00 pm-06:00 pm // Calendar Link
    Ahimsa Marg, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    A free session for Arhatic Graduates to practice their Meditations in a group. Arhatic Practitioners are requested to carry along their Blue Triangle. Call : 02232668488 / 02223533925
  • 25JUL
    Free Twin Hearts Meditation // 05:00 pm-06:00 pm // Calendar Link

    A free and open for all meditation technique to attain Inner Peace, Purification and to Energise oneself and Mother Earth. Call: 02232668488/ 02223533925
  • 25JUL
    Soul Realisation Meditation // 05:30 pm-06:30 pm // Calendar Link
    MCKS Healing Hands,Shop No.4, Ground Floor, Janmotri Housing Society, 4th Road, Khar W
    Free meditation practice on the Blue Pearl - Soul Realisation. Open for students of Soul Realisation only. Call: 02232668488 / 02223533925
  • 25JUL
    Book Study for Arhatics // 06:30 pm-08:30 pm // Calendar Link
    MCKS Healing Hands,Shop No.4, Ground Floor, Janmotri Housing Society, 4th Road, Khar W
    An interactive book study for Arhatic Graduates. The current book that is being studied is "The Astral Body" Call: 02232668488 / 02223533925
  • 26JUL
    Basic Pranic Healing // 09:30 am-06:00 pm // Calendar Link
    A C Market, Tardeo
    A two day intensive course in Pranic Healing for beginners. Call : 02232668488 / 02223533925
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Our Instructors

At the Pranic Healing Foundation of South Mumbai, our instructors are committed and experienced. They have been extensively trained and are certified by and affiliated to the World Pranic Healing Foundation.

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" The session was very helpful. I entered the room with a lot of stress but the meditation indeed helped my mind relax. I could feel the stress in my body. This is definitely helpful as my mind felt lighter. Thank you. "
- Aasavari Sawant
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