Advanced Pranic Healing

The Advanced Pranic Healing class is a groundbreaking workshop that introduces the uses and qualities of colour prana. This class allows you to refine your healing techniques and become a much more powerful Pranic Healer. The healing session duration shortens and the results are quicker and more potent. Truly, the Advanced Pranic Healing class is a must for all students of healing.

What are the highlights of the Advanced Pranic Healing class?

  • Advanced color healing. Learn to use the right proportion, color combinations and degree of hue of colored prana.
  • Advanced scanning techniques. Learn to interpret and assess more quickly and effectively the correction of imbalances in the energy field patterns.
  • Powerful specialized healing techniques which includes Rapid Healing of wounds Cellular Regeneration Cleansing of the Internal Organs Cleansing of the Blood and other techniques to boost the immune system.
  • High-level energetic methods of enhancing the body's innate healing ability. You'll learn techniques for working on AIDS, cancer, stroke, diabetes, kundalini syndrome (a state in which the aura is over-energized due to meditation or other excessive energy-development practices) and other severe ailments.
  • Instructive healing to help accelerate healing and recovery by influencing and reprogramming the consciousness of diseased cells and organs.