The Foundation has a collection of esoteric books, recommended by GMCKS. This includes a wide variety of subjects, viz. theosophy, yoga, karma, death, etc. We welcome you to join the library and improve your understanding on the various spiritual topics. You can avail this facility by contacting the foundation office. We also welcome participants who would like to donate towards the library to approach the Foundation office for further details.

Get a glimpse of our collection.

Sr. Title
1 Initiation, Human And Solar
2 Letters on Occult Meditation
3 A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
4 A Treatise on White Magic
5 Discipleship in the New Age- Vol- I
6 Discipleship in the New Age- Vol- II
7 The Problems of Humanity
8 The Reappearance of the Christ
9 The Destiny of Nations
10 Glamour: A World Problem
11 Telepathy & the Etheric Vehicle
12 Educations in the New Age
13 The Externalisaion of the Heirarchy
  A Treatise on the Seven Rays
14 Vol I. Esoteric Psychology I
15 Vol II. Esoteric Psychology II
16 Vol III. Esoteric Astrology
17 Vol IV. Eoteric Healing
18 Vol V. The Rays & the Initiations
19 The Soul, The Quality of Life
20 The Conciousness of the Atom
21 The Soul and it's mechanism
22 From Intellect to Intuition
23 From Bethlaham to Calvary
24 The Light of the Soul
25 The Unfinished Autobiography
26 Autobiography of a Yogi
27 Basic Theosophy
28 Meditations on the Occult Life
29 First Principles of Theosophy
30 The Spirits Book
31 The Etheric Double
32 The Astral Body
33 The Mental Body
34 The Causal Body
35 The Solar System
36 The I Ching
37 The Voice of Silence
38 The Path of Discipleship
39 Search For Happiness
40 Key to Theosophy
41 Science of Yoga
42 Karma
43 At the Feet of Master (MINI)
44 The Secret Doctirine - 3 Vols
45 The Power & Use of Thoughts
46 Science of Sacraments
47 Pain Its Meaning & Use
48 Thoughts From - Annie Besant
49 Light on the Paths
50 Talks on the Path - 3 Vols
51 The Kingdom of GOD
52 Seven Human Temparament
53 How we remember our Past
54 The Hidden Side of Things
55 Devachanic Plane
56 The Doctrine of Heart
57 Divine Plan
58 Practical Occultism
59 Blavatsky Quotation Book
60 Buddhism -
61 Esoteric Christinity
62 Man Visible and Invisible
63 Living With The Himalayan Master
64 Invisible Helpers
65 Dreams -
66 The Monad
67 Our Relation to Children
68 The Hidden Life in Freemasonary
69 The Chakras
70 Masters and the Path
71 The Seven Principles of Man
72 Clairvoyance
73 Raja Yoga
74 Occult Chemistry
75 Frabato the Magician
76 Initiation into Hermatics
77 Initiation in the Great Pyramid
78 Mystery of Death and Dying
79 Mysticism - The Journey within
80 Unfolding the Third Eye
81 Wisdom of Angels
82 Akashic Records
83 Devas and Men