GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram


Cradled in the lush expanse of the Sahyadri hills in Mulshi, lies home. The GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram was Grandmaster Choa’s dream and a gift to his students. Spread over close to sixty acres of land, it is a sanctuary for practitioners, providing inspiration, solace and a space for focused study. GMCKS may have attained Mahasamadhi, but the ashram affirms his presence, welcoming all who enter its gates. Undulating gracefully over a hill, the pristine surroundings provide panoramic views of peaks, valleys and the Mulshi lake. Its pristine studio units, dining chamber and two meditation halls tier down over a mount, punctuated beautifully by landscaped gardens and topiary. A stay at the ashram is especially rejuvenating given that the spacious, comfortable quarters and meditation chambers were all designed according to the tenets of Pranic Feng Shui. And just as energy bodies are fed by the abundant prana; delicious, wholesome food from the kitchens take care of the physical form. The ashram’s administration is always on call and work tirelessly to ensure security and a productive stay for Arhatic Yogis. With a perfect balance of nature and nurturing, it’s more than coming home here; it’s a welcoming into the fold.


It’s a blessing to be able to meditate under "the golden pyramid." Available to all levels of Arhatic Yogis, this immaculate, ivory meditation chamber lies open on all sides, allowing prana to flow in uninterrupted from the verdant surroundings. Crowned by a grand golden pyramid (that can be spotted from various levels of the ashram), which amplifies and balances energies, meditations and practice here, under the Teacher’s gaze, provide an experience that cannot be replicated.

A walkway leads to a second hall of meditation that lies a short distance away from the golden pyramid. This chamber is reserved for Level 3 and higher levels of Arhatic Yoga. It’s no less striking, ensconced within walls of glass and crowned by a beautiful golden dome. The foundation of the building is a serene white, which provides a startling foil to the mini gold pyramids placed all across the roof. It’s a detail best viewed from the open-air dining hall that perches a level up, connected by both a slope and stairs. Practice and meditation within this extraordinary structure is something worth aspiring to.


The ashram marries spiritual purpose with comfort. A series of studio apartments, crowned by views of the hills, are up to the standards of GMCKS. A long staircase leads up edged by with beautiful flowers, with the many rooms on either side — there’s space for everyone! Each unit is a spacious, clean room (air-conditioned options are available), with comfortable beds, a kitchenette with a fridge, and a neat bathroom with all the necessary amenities. Each area has a little open-air lawn attached to it. It goes without saying that each had a framed poster of the Great Invocation, and just because the Guru thinks of everything, all the beds face east.


Please inform the Ashram of your travel details so they can arrange taxi pickups from Pune airport, train and bus station

The Arhatic Yoga Ashram in Mulshi is approximately 230 Kilometres from Mumbai and about 70 Kilometres from the city of Pune, which is well connected by air, train and road.

Flights: Visitors can fly to Pune by Jet Airways, JetLite or Air India or Kingfisher.

Bus: From Swar Gate Bus station in Pune, two State Transport buses go to the Ashram Gate directly. They leave at 9.30am (to Vaduste) and 2:30 pm (to Telbail) and the journey clocks in around 3 hours. Additional buses leave Swar Gate bus station towards Village Nive bus stop, which is approximately 3 kilometres away from the Ashram. As the ashram cannot pick people up from the Nive bus stop, visitors will have to walk the distance, therefore traveling in the evening is not advisable, especially as the village does not have guesthouses or inns.

Trains: Several trains’ travel between Mumbai’s three terminals - Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal (CSTM), Lokmanyatilak T (LTT) and Dadar (DR) and Pune JN station like the Mahalaxmi Express, Konark Express and Deccan Queen. Fares may cost anything between Rs 100-Rs 450 one way.

Taxi: Taxi charges from Pune to Ashram are Rs.1,800 for a one way drop, and Rs 3,500 from Mumbai. Costs can be shared as the taxis can transport 4-5 people at a time.

Return journeys: Visitors should inform the Ashram office to arrange for taxis, at least two days in advance. The same charges (Rs 1,800 to Pune and Rs 3,500 to Mumbai) apply. Two buses —at 7.30 am and at 1 pm — can take people from the ashram gate to Swar Gate bus station in Pune. They can also take one of several other buses from Nive bus stop, which is 3 Kms from the Ashram.

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