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Three months, every weekend — we’re starting The Pranic Heal-A-Thon! Come February, and running through till April, Pranic Healers are coming together for this series of weekly healing camps. Since Pranic Healing can be uses to heal ailments, both simple and severe, we’re putting it to good use and helping as many people as we can. Colds, fever, gastrointestinal issues or stress-related ailments, whether headaches, depression, hypertension or heart disease, and everything in between — the Pranic Heal-A-Thon is ready, full of healers and instructors, ready to be channels for healing, and to help. More importantly, you can learn simple yet effective methods to recharge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so you can practise them at home and improve your overall health and well-being. A group MTH (Meditation On Twin Hearts), also helps in generating inner peace, by releasing negative emotions and thoughts. That helps in building up a stronger tolerance and defence system to stressful environments — which tend to build up in cities — which in turn, helps in keeping the mind and body happy and healthy.

Spread the word and start calling! Bring your families, bring your friends, but most importantly, bring yourself. Change starts with YOU.

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Our life in the city is that tenuous thread that connects us all. We’re all sharing space, sharing the same atmosphere, sharing sorrow and sharing its joy. When the city hurts, we hurt. When the city rejoices, we rejoice. We are all connected under the same sky, and a thread connects us, however intangible it may seem. The Pranic Healing Foundation took on a programme to strengthen that thread, and to inject more positive, loving, divine energy to city, to lessen its burdens and increase hope, love, kindness and strength. “Energize The Spirit of Mumbai” is a session that takes place at one of the most iconic, beloved landmarks in Mumbai — the Mahalaxmi Race Course.

Each session, open to anyone and everyone, is free and entails taking part in the beautiful Meditation for Peace & Illumination, created by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. This is a beautiful, purifying, non-religious, half hour experience that focuses on universal love, compassion and blessing. All that collective, divine love pours into the city, and everyone in it. It is an intensely cleansing meditation that activates the heart and crown – each focal points of emotional and divine love, respectively.

Come and be a part of this incredible event and be a part of the blessings that come pouring down on to the city. It’s our responsibility and it’s time we all stepped up, together, as one powerful, strong entity.

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