Service and Volunteering

If one leads a simple life one can help other people. According to Master Choa, it is by doing service that the Soul manifests itself. Good deals and good actions become physicalized when you do service. As you do service and as you help, you are entitled to receive help. The foundation provides us with many opportunities to serve through various avenues:

  • Spreading Meditation on Twin Hearts (individual, groups, offices, society, clubs, etc)
  • Healing Camps (Introduction to PH)
  • Help in Media Related Activities (Social, Media and Advertising)
  • Volunteering in Social Events (Full Moon, Nurturing Sessions, Happy Healing Hours)
  • Fund Raising for Foundation Projects
  • Pranic Healing and Super Brain Yoga in Educational Institutions
  • Promoting Pranic Healing Books in Libraries
  • Healing
  • Become an Organiser for classes
  • Any other special skills and talents that you poses that can help the cause

Please email us at with the areas of your expertise.

You could also donate towards various causes that the foundation supports on a monthly basis. To extend your generosity CLICK HERE