They look out for us, every day. Protect us, keep us safe and make sure that nothing disrupts our lives. They will literally put themselves in harms way, for us. That's the Mumbai police and each officer, regardless of rank, lives to serve. If that is not inspiring, what is? What's even more inspiring is their commitment to betterment, to self-evolution, to lead by example and the desire to shine even brighter as beacons of light and justice.

To this end, the Mumbai Police Force has grown into a wonderful relationship with Pranic Healing. Regular policemen and women are doing the basic Pranic Healing class since 2009 with fantastic results. In 2010, the traffic police inculcated the Twin Hearts meditation into their regular training program in the academy.

Our Pranic Healing instructors have been awarded medals and an award by the police in recognition of the impact it has towards the police force and by extension, to the city.