How to Make your Meditation on Twin Hearts More Effective
How to Make your Meditation on Twin Hearts More Effective

The Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH) works on the physical, mental and spiritual levels to open our heart chakra (emotional heart) as well as our crown chakra (spiritual heart), enabling us to draw Divine Energy into the crown. The energy that this meditation produces greatly enhances our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
One of the ways to make our MTH practice more effective is by placing our legs in a bucket of salt water while doing the mediation.

  • Fill a bucket of water till a little above your ankle level. Add 2-3 tablespoons of salt in it.
  • Be aware of your crown chakra and project Divine Energy into the water. Simultaneously chant the mantra Om 7 times. This energises the water with tremendous amounts of Divine Energy.
  • Place your legs in the bucket and do the MTH. You can use any version of the meditation, however self-healing or chakral mediation gives better results. (Physical exercises should be done as usual before and after the mediation.)
  • Your legs must be in the bucket from the start to the end of the meditation. After the meditation, discard the water in the toilet.


It has been clairvoyantly observed that the grosser, dirtier energies are towards the lower part of our aura, while the subtler, more refined ones are towards the upper part. Since salt has a disintegrating property, by placing our feet in a salt-water, the lower part of our aura gets cleansed of all the gross thoughts, emotions and energies. As a result, we are able to experience greater expansion of consciousness and a high degree of union with the higher soul.