What is Pranic Healing?
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What is Pranic Healing ?

Pranic Healing® is a no-touch method of healing yourself and others by using powerful and simple techniques given by the school's founder, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS). In its existing form, Pranic Healing has been painstakingly, systematicallyscientifically developed, revealed and taught globally by GMCKS and is now spread over 120 countries. It is practised by people from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome, as Pranic Healing is completely secular.


To understand Pranic Healing is to understand its basic premise, which is the working of "prana" or "ki" that translates to life energy, or life force. This powerful energy is subtle but all pervasive; it is everywhere. Under normal circumstances, the body's energy is balanced. However, sometimes our prana or ki may get stuck in certain areas, causing excess energy or lack of energy in those regions, and this manifests itself in various symptoms of illness. The reason why the prana is in imbalance could be for a number of reasons, whether environmental, emotional, due to age or infection or perhaps karmic. That’s when Pranic healing steps in.

Holistic Approach

It’s also important to note that Pranic Healing is non-invasive, requires no physical contact and no drugs or gadgets. Having said that, GMCKS did not devise this as a method to replace medicine and always categorically stated, as do all Pranic Healing instructors, that a visit to a doctor to get proper medical care, when necessary, is a must. Pranic Healing is meant to go hand-in-hand with modern medicine, as it can effectively be combined with other forms of treatment to get the patient in great health in a more speedy, thorough and optimum fashion. That’s the aim — the holistic well-being of the individual. It can also be used for self healing and for distance healing other people even thousand miles away. For developing countries, where millions of people live in poverty and do not have access to proper medical care or doctors, Pranic Healing is proving to be a great blessing.